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The ROKS-2 (Ranzewüj ognemjod K S-2) is a soviet flamethrower developed in the early 1930s to equip the Red Army.

The ROKS-2 was not essentially different from other flamethrowers used in World War II, unless the issue of appearance: as has been observed in a War that any soldier carrying one became immediately the preferred target of defensive fire, the Soviets tried to hide his weapon, giving it the shape of a rifle and the tank shaped like a backpack. The ROKS 3 was basically the same gun, made in a simplified manner during the war, without the disguise of backpack.


  • Roks

    A Russian soldier firing a ROKS 2 and a soldier with a PPSh-41 in the Battle of Stalingrad

    : ROKS-3
  • Empty Weight: 15 kg
  • Weight Loaded: 25 kg
  • Fuel Capacity: 10 liters
  • Fluid pressure: Nitrogen (110 atmospheres)
  • Shooting: 6-8 1-second bursts
  • Range: 30–45 meters (the latter using thick fluid, developed during the war)
  • Duration of a continuous discharge: 5 to 6/2

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