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RPG-18 rocket launcher with PG-18 rocket
Type Rocket-propelled grenade
Place of origin Soviet Union USSR
Service history
In service 1972-1990
Weight 1.4 kg (unarmed)
2.6 kg (ready to fire)
Length 705 mm (unarmed)
1,050 mm (ready to fire)
Crew 1

Shell HEAT with a penetration of 375 mm of RHA
Caliber 64 mm
Action By using VP-18 impact fuze:
1,000 mm: Brick
500 mm: Concrete with VP-18 impact fuze.
Muzzle velocity 115 m/s
Effective range 200 m

The RPG-18 Mukha (Rus., "Муха", "Fly") is a Russian short-range, disposable light anti-tank rocket launcher.


The RPG-18 is very similar to the US M72-series LAW anti-tank rocket and was developed after the Soviet military obtained M72s from its allies in Vietnam[citation needed]. The RPG-18 has been succeeded by the RPG-22, a very similar design with a larger warhead.


The RPG-18 fires a 64 mm PG-18 HEAT warhead mounted on a small rocket capable of engaging any target within 200 meters. The warhead self-destructs 6 seconds after launch, placing definite limits on range even if a sight was used that was effective with targets beyond 200 meters. The RPG-18 itself can penetrate up to 375 mm of conventional armor. However, performance is significantly diminished when the RPG-18 is employed against targets protected by HEAT-resistant ERA or composite armor.

Unlike better known weapons, the RPG-18 requires only one operator because it is not reloadable. Assistant grenadiers are used to help reload the RPG-2, RPG-7 and RPG-16 systems.

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