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Produced for the U.S. Navy, matching spare guns of battleships of 356 mm with repairs produced by Baldwin Locomotive Works produced a total of five (plus 6 for the army). The guns of the navy were sent to St. Nazaire in France, firing a total of 782 shells at German positions, with considerable effects. The aim was made from a curved path, requiring a team that preceded the cannon to prepare basements.


  • 372 2 1060995829
    Total Weight
    : 238.8 ton.
  • Weight of Gun: 85.9 ton.
  • Caliber: 356 mm (14 inches)
  • Length of Repair: N / a
  • Length of gun: 14.22 m
  • Length of the Soul: 50 gauge
  • And the number Step skates: N / a (right, progressive until 1 / 25)
  • Breech: Screw, lock electric
  • Retreat: 1.12 m
  • Elevation: 0 ° to +43 °
  • Conteiro: 2.5 ° left and right
  • Weight of Grenade: 635 kg
  • Speed mouth: 853 m / min.
  • Maximum range: 38 400 m

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