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Reserve Forces and Cadets Associations (RFCAs) are regional civilian bodies comprising voluntary members and a small full-time secretariat. They are established by statute to offer advice and support to the Defence Council on behalf of the Reserve Forces and Cadet Movement. In particular they are responsible for:-

Territorial Army (TA)Edit

a. Recruiting and publicity for units of the TA.
b. The provision and maintenance of accommodation for TA Independent units and the furnishing, lighting and cleaning of such accommodation.
c. Liaison with employers, trades unions and local authorities and relations with the public.
d. The administration and maintenance of training areas and ranges vested in them.
e. Welfare

Royal Naval Reserve (RNR) and Royal Marines Reserve (RMR) Edit

The provision and maintenance of on-shore accommodation for the RNR and RMR as required

Royal Auxiliary Air Force (RAuaxF)Edit

a. The provision and maintenance of accommodation for RAuaxF units as required and the furnishing, lighting and cleaning of such accommodation.
b. Recruiting, publicity, welfare and liaison as appropriate.

Combined Cadet Force (CCF)Edit

All accommodation matters

Army Cadet Force (ACF)Edit

a. The organisation of the ACF, subject to any directions which the Defence Council may give.
b. Recommendations for the appointment of Honorary Colonels and Cadet Commandants (ACF).
c. The grant of paid acting promotion in the ranks of Captain and Major within establishment.
d. The appointment of Adult Instructors and their promotion within establishment.
e. The provision, furnishing and maintenance of accommodation.
f. The provision of non-public equipment and stores.
g. The issue, storage, maintenance and accounting of public stores.
h. The general supervision of the administration of private funds.
i. Recruiting, local publicity and promotion of good relations with the public.
j. Encouraging co-operation and good relations between the TA and the ACF.

Air Training Corps (ATC)Edit

The provision and maintenance of accommodation.

Sea Cadet Corps (SCC)Edit

Liaison responsibilities and assistance where possible with the provision of accommodation.

Regional and local recruiting support and Public Relations.
Liaison with local authorities and employers.
Employer Support.
Welfare and well-being of Volunteers.
Representation of Defence in the Community

Why the RFCAs exist.Edit

Local Knowledge.

Reserves and Cadets are based in the local community in the way that regular forces are not. They need the support of an organisation and people who are familiar with and prominent in their area. RFCA members provide this recognised point of contact throughout the community - a local Defence footprint.


Reserves and Cadets do not move around like their regular counterparts. It is important that relationships within the community are established and maintained over a period of time. RFCA members are long term community representatives.


RFCAs are not part of the chain of command but are required to give advice and assistance to the Defence Council and the military of all three services at any level. RFCA members are experienced professional people interested in Defence matters.


The Cadet Movement (Army Cadet Force (ACF), Air Training Corps (ATC), Sea Cadet Corps (SCC) and the Combined Cadet Force (CCF)) is a national voluntary youth movement, based on a military ethos, though not part of the Armed Forces. RFCAs in conjunction with the Cadet Associations and Services HQs provide essential local support.

How the RFCAs are organised.Edit


13 autonomous RFCAs exist nationwide, consisting of over 1,800 volunteer members, with a wide cross section of expertise in financial and legal affairs, estate management, marketing and PR, employer support, youth matters and local government. All are advocates of Defence and represent their local communities. They provide a civilian network of support across the nation.


Each RFCA is allocated a budget solely to provide support to Reserve Forces and Cadets. Priorities are agreed with the respective Service Headquarters and managed expeditiously by the RFCA concerned. Through the expertise of their members, RFCAs are able to bring added value to the Defence effort.


Each RFCA employs a small Secretariat of full-time Crown Servants to serve its members and maintain the link between the civilian community and the Services.

Results of the RFCAsEdit

The interests of Reserve Forces (Royal Naval Reserve (RNR), Royal Marines Reserve (RMR), Territorial Army (TA) and the Royal Auxiliary Air Force (RAuxF)) and the Cadet Movement are served by an organisation dedicated to their support and well-being.

The RFCAs provide a key link between the Services and the communities, employers work places and institutions from which the Reserve Forces and the Cadet Movement volunteer.

Through the RFCAs the goodwill, understanding and support of the population - all essential to the military volunteer concept - can be nurtured and Defence promoted in general.

RFCAs, by harnessing civilian expertise and skills, reinforce the support and administration of Reserves and Cadets.

The Council of RFCAsEdit

The individual RFCA's are governed by the Council of RFCAs where each RFCA is represented on the Council by its Chairman.

The objects of the Council are as follows:-

1. The object of the Council is to assist the Associations in promoting the efficiency and well-being of the Reserve Forces and the service cadet organisations of the United Kingdom.

2. In order to achieve this object the Council will :-

a. Collect, compile and disseminate information relevant to the Reserve Forces and the service cadet organisations to all the constituent Associations.
b. Examine, consult upon and report about any matters submitted to it by the Ministry of defence or other relevant bodies.
c. Represent to the Ministry of Defence, or other relevant bodies, the collective opinion of the Council on any matter relating to the statutory duties of the constituent Associations.
d. Take any such action as may be decided by the Council for the attainment of its object.
e. Take action on any relevant matter at the request of one or more associations, or the Ministry of Defence.

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