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The Sanabal Charitable Committee was a charity front in the United Kingdom which raised money for the banned terrorist organization called the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, which is aligned with al-Qaeda. Sanabal was banned worldwide, and its assets frozen, on 7 February 2006 by the United Nations Security Council Committee 1267.[1] Several related corporations and individuals were embargoed at the same time (see Libyan Islamic Fighting Group).

In the Combatant Status Review Tribunal of Mohammed Fenaitel Mohamed Al Daihani, some of the evidence against him was his previous work for Sanabal.[2] The Combatant Status Review Tribunal states:

Al Daihani, an accountant at Kuwait's State Audit Bureau, stated that he thought the Sanabal Committee was a legitimate charity, with its headquarters in London.[3] In May 2006 police Greater Manchester Police's anti-terrorism unit conducted 18 raids under the 2000 Terrorism Act, including the offices of the Sanabal Relief Agency.[4][5] The BBC reports that these raids are linked to the support the insurgency in Iraq. Seven other people where arrested and charged at the same time on a mix of terrorism and immigration charges. Mr Nasuf is due to be deported back to Libya under new powers given to the Home Secretary to deport any foreign national thought to be a security threat. Ten suspects were arrested. Two were released. Among the remaining eight suspects were a Libyan refugee named Tahir Nasuf.

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