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The Wakamiya Seaplane Carrier was an English freighter seized during the Russo-Japanese War, was transformed into a military transport and was later adapted to canvas hangars, as an early spokesman seaplanes in the world. In this role hoisted their equipment for the water, where they take off and land. Operated against the German base in Tsingtao, where, according to some sources, their aircraft were responsible for the sinking of a ship mining and damage to port facilities. If so, was the first attack aircraft carrier in history. It is known that the operation was damaged by a mine. In 1920 it was converted into aircraft carriers - the first of the Japanese Navy.


  • Quantity completed: 1
    767 3 1143864818

    Wakamiya in WWI

    - Wakamiya
  • Length: 111.25 m
  • Width (beam):: 14.6 m
  • Silent: 5.8 m
  • Displacement: 7720 tons (standard)
  • Speed: 10 knots
  • Motors: Vertical triple expansion, three boilers (ihp 1590), an axis
  • Autonomy: N.a.
  • Shield: Had
  • Anti Air Armament: 2 cannons 76 mm L/40 dual employment, two 47 mm cannons AA
  • Airplanes: 4 Farman seaplanes
  • Crew: 234

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