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In the United Kingdom, SERE is an acronym for Survive, Evade, Resist and Extract[1] At a basic level this is core aspect of training for all UK Regular Army personnel and is tested as part of their Military Annual Training Tests (MATTs).[2] The UK SERE School is based at RAF St Mawgan.[3]

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  1. "JOINT WARFARE PUBLICATION 3-66 JOINT PERSONNEL RECOVERY.". "Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Extraction. SERE is an inclusive term (of US origin) that has recently superseded phrases previously used such as Escape and Evasion and Conduct After Capture. It encompasses all practical and theoretical measures required to prepare personnel for isolation, captivity and recovery." 
  2. Defence Information Notice 2008DIN07-109
  3. "RAF St Mawgan visit - June 2006". Air Training Corps. "While at the station the cadets went on a number of visits including: 203(R) Sqn, where they looked round the Sea King helicopters, which are employed in the search and rescue role; Visiting Aircraft Handling Section (VAHS) where they saw two Tornado F3s; the Sea King simulators; the Survive, Evade, Resist and Extract (SERE) school; the Safety Equipment Section; the Air Traffic Control Tower; Fire Section and had a tour of the Shackleton gate guardian" 

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