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Vickers-Armstrong in Rio de Janeiro

Based on the Vickers-Armstrong British Mk XIX, 99 of these were supplied by the U.S. in 1941 the price of scrap to Brazil, for coastal defense. Were delivered out of ammunition and wheeled tractor, which precluded the transport at high speed and rapid placement in battery. Modified in Brazil in 1942 with the introduction of new wheels, a platform for shooting in 360 degrees and new ammunition, 20% more efficient than the original remained in use until 1998.
240 2 1037878573


Caliber: 152.4 mm System: Monoflecha repair, interrupted screw breech, desengastada ammunition, cargo saquitel Tube Length: 557 cm, the soul of 36.5 calibers Rifling: 36 lanes of uniform pitch, dextral, a revolution in thirty calibers Maximum lift: 38 Conteiro: 4 on each side or 360 degrees on the deck shooting Santa Mathilde, Brazilian Total weight: 11,075 kg Weight of grenade: 49.7 kg (mod. Bras.) Or 45.4 kg (English) Maximum range: 18.2 km (Brazilian ammunition) Rate of fire: 3 rounds per minute (on the platform Santa Mathilde)

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